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When I made the decision to start Blossoms and Bow Ties, I knew I wanted to work with a top-notch designer  to help turn my vision for a chic, fun, and professional brand into a reality. I needed someone who could take my love of blush tones, eucalyptus leaves, light, nature and puppies, and turn it into something amazing.

Enter Bonnie Bakhtiari. This girl is fantastic (and possibly my fairy godmother). She helped me hone in on the overall look and style I wanted for my website and brand, and helped me think through the authentic experience I wanted to provide for my clients. She managed to capture my desire to provide couples with dependable, stress-free  service (allowing them to focus on what REALLY matters – enjoying and celebrating the life they’re starting together), and combined that with my love of natural, timeless and whimsical aesthetics, to create something that I think is truly special (I admit to being a smidge biased).

She guided me through a process that  reminded me of what a wedding planner does for clients (and what I hope to do for you). Together we pulled together what seemed like disparate inspiration and drew out cohesive elements. We dug deeper than just what we wanted things to look like, and thought about how we wanted people feel. We focused on the type of experience I wanted to provide for clients, determined budgets, set timelines, created checklists, came up with backup plans…sound familiar?


I could not be happier with or more grateful for all of Bonnie’s hard work, and the huge role she’s played in helping me define and launch my dream business. She is exactly the kind of businesswoman I want to be – reliable, understanding, creative, and sincerely heartfelt. I truly hope my clients feel the same way about me and their experience with Blossoms and Bow Ties!

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  1. Bonnie

    December 7th, 2017 at 1:12 am

    It was such a joy working with you, Jamie! Pulling all your inspiration together to craft something heartfelt and intentional for your sweet brides and grooms was nothing short of a total honor. Thank you so much for inviting me to walk alongside you during this journey!


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